Let’s be honest: who hasn’t dreamt about having perfect lines and those elegantly pointed ballerina feet?

A nice instep comes from good genetis and probably some of you is one of those gifted ones of the lucky ones with an ankle excursion as beautiful as Alina Cojocaru’s (even if you never took a ballet/calisthenics/gymnastic class). But you should know that you can do a lot for your instep with some specific excercises: visible results are granted!

A little anatomic background: your foot is made of 26 bones kept together by 29 articulations. It consists of three parts: hindfoot, midfoot and forefoot which comprise muscles, articulations and bones.

Here are some effective exercises that will help you to strengthen and improve your feet:
1. Sit on the floor with straight legs and back. Flex and point your feet 8 times, focusing on extending and contracting your soles as much as you can.
2. Stand with your hands on the wall, then lift 8 times on your demi point. Repeat 8 times lifting on your toes.
3. Lift on your demi point then bend your knees and make little bounces keeping your hips straight. Repeat 8 times and do another repetition on your toes.
4. Stand with your hands on the wall again and work one foot before the other, going from demi point to point 8 times.
5. When you’re home, walk on your “demi points” 😉

Don’t think this routine is way too easy for you: it’s a simple sequence, perfect for beginners, that guarantees good results avoiding feet injuries.
Beware of machines that promise miraculous results curving your forestep in unnatural positions: leave them to pros who know how to use them and already have a good flexibility!

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