Holidays season is upon us, and so are the big, heavy festive meals.
The last ones won’t be until December 31st: here is our detox strategy to put some lightness (and taste) in your days ☺

While I was browsing the internet, looking for some natural ways to fight that awful feeling of swollen abdomen and water retention, I’ve come across “Detox Waters”. These are very simple beverages, made with water (1 liter at least ) and fruits (but also veggies and spices) let in infusion – in the fridge – for at least 8 hours.

Holidays: Detox Waters to feel lighter

How does a detox water work?

When fruits are left in infusion inside water (also cold water, but fruits and greens should be cut in pieces) they release all of their precious properties: vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This osmosis process only takes place in the first 24hours: after that you can decide whether to eat your ingredients (they will still contain all their fibers) or not. Using the same ingredients twice is not a good idea: it has no contraindication but would be totally useless (you would have already drunk all the good substances with your first infusion).

Holidays: Detox Waters to feel lighter

Infusions are full of good qualities and one of them is helping you drink more than you would.

It will probably sound as a banality but their light fragrance and taste, the vivid colors and also a beautiful pitcher will help us drinking a lot of water without any effort!
The more water we drink the more liquids we will expel and this will translate into flat belly but also smoother and even skin (especially those body parts that are proner to water retention…).

Holidays: Detox Waters to feel lighter

The good thing about detox waters is that they let us combine positive effects on our health & beauty and customized recipes based on our own needs or taste.

Are you looking for a super diuretic effect and the sweetest flavour? Strawberries, currants and rasperries are the answer.

Do you have digestive issues? Lemon and mint are the best couple. Plus, they will add a fresh and tonic touch to your water.

Do you want to detox and boost yourself with antioxydants? Try a mix of grapefruit, avocado, broccoli and lettuce.

There is no limit to your creativity! Take the chance to fill your body with vitamins and minerals, especially if you workout a lot and loose many of them during your training sessions!
Also spices are perfect ingredients for infused waters: add some cinnamon and a few slices of ginger to make them perfect for Winter Holidays. 😉

Our tip for New Years Eve:

make a beautiful pitcher of red fruits water (it will also make the prettiest centerpiece). Add a few mint leaves, cinnamon and colorful straws before you share it with your beloved ones!

Cheers (detox) and Happy Holidays!

Text by Lucrezia Guerrera

© All rights reserved

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