Today we start a new appointment on MPDSLifestyle: Chatting with Pole Stars. We’ll be sharing snack-size conversation with our favourite Pole Idols from around the world and ouf first guest is our beloved Marion Crampe ! Hope you will enjoy it!!!

MPDS: What’s your favorite beauty product?
Marion: My magic product from Mexico: Dabalash (but shut it is a secret)

Pole Stars Marion Crampe

MPDS: What’s your favorite bad word?
M: Holy Sh…

MPDS:The first thing you notice on a man?
M: …his tinder profile lol!!!!

MPDS: The one thing you could die for?
M: I don’t wanna die.

MPDS: A movie that made you cry?
M: Lullaby (one of the last movie I saw on plane…I was crying like a baby ahahah)

MPDS: your favorite food?
M: Seafood and… apples lol.

MPDS: Do you believe in Karma?
M: Oh yes I DO!

MPDS: Other sports that you practice besides Pole?
M: Running, Dance , Contortion, Conditioning and I love to try new things all the time.

MPDS: Any resolutions for the New Year?
M: – Finding time for important people in my life 😉 , for family and friends.
– Keep working hard and sharing more all around the world.
– Be more often around my MPDS family because they mean so much to me
– oh and maybe manage some holidays… But real ones.

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